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A Princess Tutu Icontest

A Princess Tutu Icontest
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This is a community dedicated to the making of livejournal icons of the anime series, Princess Tutu. Every week a theme will be posted and you can make icons according to said theme and try to win for the week. Themes will be something like, "rain", "pairing", "color", etc. The fanbase for Princess Tutu is small, but growing, so let's help it along!

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1. Members are allowed up to two submissions per theme, unless otherwise stated.

2. Icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100 and 40kb

3. All icons must be from Princess Tutu (anime or manga)

4. No fanart please

5. Do not steal icons from other users

6. Do not use previously made icons. Please make icons specifically for the weeks theme.

7. Do not post icons elsewhere on Livejournal before the winners have been announced.

8. If you place first or special catagory three weeks in a row, you must sit out of the contest the following week.

8. Please be kind and polite to others users and us mods. Be nice!

9. Have fun! ^_^

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Themes will be announced on Sunday and you will have until Friday at Midnight EST to submit your icons. There will be a post with the theme, where you will submit your entry in a screened comment. This post is the only place where you may submit your entry. When submitting, please use the following format.

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Voting will begin on Friday and end around Sunday at 8:00 PM. Only members of the community will be able to vote. There will be a post marked Voting, with all the entires behind an LJ cut. Simply look at the icons and choose the top three, plus a special catagory for the week. Please base your vote on how well done an icon is, or how well it follows the theme. Do not be biased of the characters or ideas presented in the icon.

The special catagories are as followed

Best Adaption ~ Best Text ~ Best Display of Emotion ~ Best Color ~ Most Creative

When voting, the setup should look somewhat like this:

003, 008, 012


Please do not vote for your own icon

Results will be posted sometime after 8 along with a new theme

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Week 01/theme: Firsts// Banner Maker:tenshibellaluna
Week 02/theme: Dance// Banner Maker:ichiban_ai
Week 03/theme: Lyrics: Unwritten// Banner Maker:tenshibellaluna
Week 04/theme: Deception// Banner Maker: ?
Week 05/theme: Fakir// Banner Maker: ?
Week 06/theme: Rue/Kraehe// Banner Maker: ?
Week 07/theme: Friendship// Banner Maker:endou
Week 08/theme: Ode// Banner Maker: ?
Week 09/theme: Fairytales// Banner Maker: ?
Week 10/theme: Mythos// Banner Maker: ?

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If you would like to affiliate, please leave a comment at this post











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tenshibellaluna Creator/Mod

julseykit Mod

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If you would like to apply as a bannermaker, please leave a comment at this post